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Unwanted changes/bugs/complaints in R2016b

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Adam on 17 Oct 2016
Edited: Greg on 21 Nov 2017
I have edited my original moan about the zoom cursor to be a more general thread about things that have changed in R2016b that I'm not impressed about as there seem to be a few changes that are not at all in a good direction in my opinion:
  1. Has the zoom in cursor for a figure changed in R2016b and is this deliberate? When I click zoom in from the toolbar now in a Matlab figure I just get a cross as my cursor instead of a magnifying glass. Zoom out does give me a magnifying glass with a '-' in it as it should, although it looks more ugly than it used to be! Is this just me or are other people also getting this? I only upgraded this afternoon so have just noticed this now.
  2. uisetcolor used to give a very useful dialog from the first one on clicking 'More Colors...'. Now we seem to just have some really simplistic GUI that expects users to type in RGB numbers themselves if they don't want one of the pre-selected colours. Do I really have to resort to java programming to use a more flexible colour picker or is there a way to still get it in R2016b?

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Adam on 18 Oct 2016
We used to get this from uisetcolor:
Now we get this instead

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Jean Marie
Jean Marie on 20 Oct 2016
Hi Adam,
You can get the previous version using : setpref('Mathworks_uisetcolor', 'Version', 1)


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Adam on 11 Apr 2017
Yes, this doesn't seem to work for me when I tried it in R2017a. I have a session open that I don't want to close though, I don't know if that affected it, but I opened a new session, changed the setting in there, restarted it and it didn't work.
I use my own created one now, but this was certainly a useful trick to know.
Lucie on 12 Apr 2017
Thank you, I guess I'll need to figure this out. Cheers!
Greg on 21 Nov 2017
Check out the comment to the answer to this question.
The setpref workaround doesn't seem to work after R2016b, but I've posted a new way.

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