Why does 'Position' property not change the width of uicontrol slider?

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Hello, I am trying to change the width of a slider in a simple way:
f = figure;
s = uicontrol('Parent',f,'Style','slider','Position',[100,100,200,10]);
s.Position(4) = 100;
s.Position(4) = 0;
But the slider only changes its position and doesn't change the size. Even if I set the width to zero. While Position(1:3) works properly. What am I doing wrong? Matlab R2016a. Mac OS 10.11.6. Thank you in advance.
Pavel on 5 Oct 2016
Dear Robert, thank you for the prompt reply. Yes, I get the same behaviour as you can see from the attached screen shots.

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 5 Oct 2016
On my OS-X (Yosemite) system, R2016a or R2016b, changing the 4th value has the visual appearance of changing the height at which the slider is drawn.
It looks to me as if the explanation is that OS-X is always rendering the slider itself as the same height, and what you adjust by changing the 4th parameter is the size of the box it is rendered in.

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Matthew Eicholtz
Matthew Eicholtz on 5 Oct 2016
The width of the slider is the third element of the Position vector, not the fourth, which is height. Try something like:
s.Position(3) = 100;
to see if the width changes.
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Pavel on 5 Oct 2016
It doesn't matter, I mean the smallest side of the object for the 'width'. The problem is that I can't change the smallest side.

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