Is it possible to execute 2 scripts in 2 different matlab sessions at the same time, both using parfor?

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I want to launch a script in a matlab session and then, while it is running, I want to launch the same script (with one different parameter) in another matlab session, both scripts using parfor. Yes, I would like both to run parallel, so it is 2 parfor in parallel haha!
When I launch the second one, I get this warning:
Warning: Found 1 pre-existing communicating job(s) created by pool that are
running. You can use 'delete(myCluster.Jobs)' to remove all jobs created
with profile local. To create 'myCluster' use 'myCluster =
Is it a real problem? What happen when the first script finishes and shuts down the parallel pool it has openned? Will it also close the parallel pool of the other session? Do I save time doing this or should I run the 2 executions one after the other?

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Matthew Eicholtz
Matthew Eicholtz on 5 Oct 2016
Can you provide more details about your code? How do you create the pool? How many workers are you using?
I am having trouble replicating your warning. I just ran the following code in parallel in two sessions of MATLAB with no problem.
parfor ii=1:100000000

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