How to return array of pixel values associated with image matrix (C)?

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I am using imagesc to map my array, C, to a full color image. The colors of parts of the image determine the phases of the data. I would like to determine the thresholds for ranges of pixels (ranges that correspond to phases of the data). How can I retrieve the pixel values that MATLAB automatically assigns to my data in matrix C?
clim = [0 100]; %set range for pixel color
I = imagesc(flipud(C),clim);
b = colorbar;

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Matthew Eicholtz
Matthew Eicholtz on 26 Sep 2016
Edited: Matthew Eicholtz on 26 Sep 2016
Try using mat2gray.
I = mat2gray(flipud(C),clim);
EDIT: the code above will make I range from 0 to 1. If you want it in the range of clim, add this line of code:
J = I*(clim(2)-clim(1))+clim(1);


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