Can Matlab statistics toolbox look up z/t/z standard tables?

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I recently plowed through how to do an ANOVA analysis. When I tried to do this via Matlab I found the calculated F quite easily with the anova1(y) function. The next step is to look up the critical F from the standard table (at the back of all high school text books on the subject). I was told that this is not possible!!!! That cannot be true can it? Those standard tables are fundamental to statistics. The person helping me at ML was very clever and found a way of doing this via an equation but is the inability to look up a standard table really not possible in ML?

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Helen Kirby
Helen Kirby am 10 Sep. 2016
Thank you very much SS, that really helped.
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Star Strider
Star Strider am 11 Sep. 2016
ttl = 'Inverse \itF\rm-distribution';
dfn = inputdlg('Enter numerator degrees of freedom: ', ttl);
nu1 = str2num(dfn{:});
nfn = inputdlg('Enter denominator degrees of freedom: ', ttl);
nu2 = str2num(nfn{:});
prob = inputdlg('Enter probatility (as decimal fraction, not percent): ', ttl);
pr = str2num(prob{:});
cv = finv(pr,nu1,nu2);
CreateStruct.Interpreter = 'tex';
CreateStruct.WindowStyle = 'modal';
msgbox(sprintf('\\itF\\rm_{(%d,%d)} \\itp\\rm %.3f, CV = %.3f ', nu1, nu2, pr, cv), 'Value',CreateStruct)

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Star Strider
Star Strider am 10 Sep. 2016
I deleted my original Answer (I delete all my Answers if they are not Accepted) so I’ll mention here that I (apparently correctly) linked you to finv and the other appropriate functions that calculate the other distributions and their inverses that you asked about. I left it to you to discover the functions most appropriate to what you need to do, since I was not certain what it was.
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Star Strider
Star Strider am 11 Sep. 2016
You have to un-Accept your own Answer first.

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