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Why does Matlab 2016a automatically change font size of my figure when I save it as pdf?

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Yong Min
Yong Min on 31 Aug 2016
Edited: Andrea Fino on 25 Nov 2019
When I plot a figure, I use "set(gca, 'FontSize', 6.0);" to set axes' font to size 6 pt. However, when I save the figure to pdf format, I can see matlab automatically enlarge the figure in displaying window, and then saves it, and finally the font size is recovered in displaying window to 6 px. By using AI, I found the font in saved pdf is size 8 pt. I want to know how to keep the font size in saving pdf?
In fact, any font that is smaller than 8 will be changed to size 8.

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Andrea Fino
Andrea Fino on 25 Nov 2019
Edited: Andrea Fino on 25 Nov 2019
Same issue, the solution is in File->Export Setup, than change the "Scale font by that should be set as "auto" " then tap "Apply to Figure" and let's export your file ;)
Please see the attachment for details.
Hope that will help.
A. F.


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