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Reading csv files that have mixed string and numbers, with inconsistent columns and rows

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I’m having difficulty loading a csv file that contains mixed string and number data, with inconsistent columns and rows. Can anyone help me out? Once the data is loaded into individual cells/arrays, I should be good to go. importdata() only seems to capture half of the data, and I haven't had much luck with textscan(), though maybe I am using it improperly. A simplified example of the data I am processing can be found below.
Example .csv file:
Name,Weight,,Notes about Weight
Jim,250,,Jim is 60 pounds overweight

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J. Webster
J. Webster am 18 Aug. 2016
I think the way I'd approach this is with something like the following.
fid = fopen('myfile.csv');
myline = fgetl(fid);
while ischar(myline)
C = strsplit(myline,',')
% C now contains a cell array for each line, maybe you can work with that?
myline = fgetl(fid);

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