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How to store string values from a for loop into a cell array?

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Hi. I want the user to input an arbitrary number, and then set up a for loop that asks the question
"Enter a string" as many times as the user indicated above with the first input.
I then want to store all these string values into a cell array, and be able to retrieve these strings later.
How do I do this?
prompt = "Enter a number";
x = input(prompt)
for i=1:x
%Code that asks user to input string

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Moe_2015 am 15 Aug. 2016
prompt = 'Enter a number: ';
x = input(prompt);
for i=1:x
user_string = input('Enter a string: ');
all_strings{i} = user_string;
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Neil Bhattacharjee
Neil Bhattacharjee am 15 Aug. 2016
Thanks for the help moe!
I know this might be a little too much, but is there any way I can make it so that I don't have to use quotations when i'm entering strings?
Moe_2015 am 15 Aug. 2016
Bearbeitet: Moe_2015 am 15 Aug. 2016
Yes, replace
user_string = input('Enter a string: ');
user_string = input('Enter a string: ','s');
This way you will not need any single quotations and you just have to enter whatever text you want as an input and it will treat it as a string.

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