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hi , How do I activate the i (subscript) in Subscript[A, i] in order to display output in mm of array

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for r=1:(n-1)
for i=1:mm
if (out(i,1)<z(r)&z(r)<out(i,2))
for j=1:mm
if (out(j,1)<z(r+1)&z(r+1)<out(j,2))
Subscript[A, i](r)=Mid(j);
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mohammed elmenshawy
mohammed elmenshawy am 15 Aug. 2016
i need the final output as mm of array ,, for exampel if (out(3,1)<z(4)&z(4)<out(3,2)) if (out(6,1)<z(5)&z(5)<out(6,2)) then the output is A3(4)=Mid(6) %such that 3 in last statment a result of loop . then in the code the output is A1,A2,..., Amm
Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes am 15 Aug. 2016
So...what is Subscript and what is A?
I would advise against using dynamically created variables which is what I think you are suggesting with your A1, A2, etc. This will just lead to errors. Better to use a cell array to collect all of this data.

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Stephen23 am 15 Aug. 2016
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