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interpolate only between columns

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Melissa Driskell
Melissa Driskell am 11 Aug. 2016
Beantwortet: Richard Fisher am 17 Aug. 2016
I have a large matrix and I want to interpolate between the columns, i.e. interp2 does exactly what i want EXCEPT i don't want it to interp between the rows.
there must be an easy way to do this!!

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Richard Fisher
Richard Fisher am 17 Aug. 2016
I think you're looking for interp1, which can be used to interpolate for a number of functions(columns in a matrix) in one pass. To see an example of this, execute the following:
If this is interpolating in the wrong dimension, then use the transposition as suggested by J. Webster.

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J. Webster
J. Webster am 11 Aug. 2016
Can you just transpose the matrix before you interpolate?
Y = Y';
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Melissa Driskell
Melissa Driskell am 11 Aug. 2016
but interp2 interps in the Y and X direction, so how would this help?

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