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getting started beaglebone example building error

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Nicola Guercio
Nicola Guercio on 2 Aug 2016
Commented: Manish M on 27 Jun 2019
Hello, I am trying to build the simulink getting_started example of beaglebone black but I have an error. It cannot find the standard C library (string.h, stdio.h etc.). These file are on in the beaglebone on usr/lib/include. how can I include them at compilation? Thanks Nicola
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Manish M
Manish M on 27 Jun 2019
Which OS is installed in your Beaglbone Black? The Embedded Coder Support Package for Beeaglebone Black is compatible with Debian 8.3 and prior. Also you should connect your Beaglebone Black to the internet through a network adapter.

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