Matlab takes 15 minutes to start, and significantly slows down PC once running.

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I am running Matlab R2016a 64-bit on Ubuntu 14.04LTS with a 2013 i7 processor, gtx670 gfx card and Nouveau drivers, 16 gig of ram.
  1. Starting Matlab with ./matlab takes about 15 minutes - Software rendering - 2 CPU's is at 100% While Matlab is starting.
  2. Starting Matlab with ./matlab -nodesktop takes about 7 minutes - Software Rendering - 1 CPU is at 100% while Matlab is starting.
  3. Starting Matlab with ./matlab -nosplash the GUI loads instantly however takes 20 minutes +(force stopped) before I can use matlab. - Software Rendering. - 1 CPU is at 100% while matlab is starting
  4. Starting Matlab with ./matlab -debug is instant. PC is not slowed down.
  5. Starting Matlab with ./matlab -nojvm is instant.
  6. Matlab worked well on this hardware and OS for 4 months, until last week
Q1 What could be causing this issue now when it worked fine for at least 4 months?
Q2 What functionality is switched off in -debug mode? Any documentation on this? Can I simply use this mode to use matlab?
Q3 How can I debug such an issue?
Thank you in advance.

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