ASIO audio driver with MATLAB 2016a

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Hi everybody,
I want to use ASIO drivers with the DSP system toolbox in MATLAB2016a, however, it seems that the option in the preferences as in 2015 does not exist anymore. I use 'audioDeviceWriter' and one of the options is 'Driver' but it seems that I need the 'Audio System Toolbox' (not for free?!). Is there a way to use ASIO drivers with MATLAB2016a without the need of external toolboxes like Psychtoolbox?
Best, Axel

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Puneet Rana
Puneet Rana on 27 Jul 2016
You can continue using ASIO with DSP System Toolbox in R2016a by changing the driver using MATLAB command-line as described in this doc page. For example, the following code will set ASIO driver:
>> setpref('dsp','portaudioHostApi',3)
Going forward, please note that dsp.AudioPlayer and dsp.AudioRecorder are on their path to deprecation and are superceded by the much improved audioDeviceWriter and audioDeviceReader objects.
Puneet Rana
Puneet Rana on 29 Jul 2016
You can still use ASIO with dsp.AudioPlayer. Instead of changing the driver under MATLAB preferences, you would need to use the setpref() command I mentioned in my answer.
However, in order to use ASIO with audioDeviceWriter, you would need Audio System Toolbox.

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Gloria Helena Munera
Gloria Helena Munera on 16 Feb 2017
How to send an audio file to different channels of an audio interface Motu ultralite mk3 in matlab 2016a on windows
I used this code
X = uigetfile; [Aw, fs] = audioread (x); Player = audioplayer (aw, fs, 24); Play (player)
Every time you play audioplayer (aw, fs, 24, id);
Error using audioplayer (line 223) Could not find the specified device
Error in pru (line 10) Player = audioplayer (aw, fs, 24.2);
Use info = dspAudioDeviceInfo to know my card ID
Please help! With examples

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