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How can I make a title/label bold and large in LaTeX?

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Suganth Kannan
Suganth Kannan am 13 Jul. 2016
Kommentiert: Kent Leung am 28 Apr. 2017
I am creating a 4x4 histogram plot matrix (16 subplots in a 4x4 arrangement) and inserting supertitle, superxlabel, and superylabel using the suplabel.m file in File Exchange. However, I tried all the possibilities (bf, textbf, bfseries, Large, Huge) as switches and commands but for some reason the commands title, xlabel, and ylabel are unwilling to make the text bold. Note: There is no math; hence, I use the following syntax:
'\textbf{\Huge text}' or
'\bfseries \Huge text'
For reference, I am using Matlab 2016a on a Unix System.

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dpb am 13 Jul. 2016
Bearbeitet: dpb am 13 Jul. 2016
Only partial answer; I've never been able to figure out what does/doesn't work w/ the TMW TeX/LaTeX implementations but the documentation for text includes the wonderfully precise information of
There are two levels of TeX support, controlled by the text Interpreter property:
latex — Supports a basic subset of the LaTeX markup language.
tex — Supports a subset of plain TeX markup language.
Ok, but what subset? That appears to be only determinable by trial and error--see what works and what doesn't. :(
>> title('\bfSeries','interpreter','tex')
>> title('\textbf{text}','interpreter','latex')
work with the respective interpreters (TeX is default, btw, not LaTeX)
>> title('\textbf{text}','interpreter','latex','fontsize',24)
works but I couldn't get any of the named sizes for fontsize to work so have to conclude for some reason they're not part of the incorporated subset.
It's really frustrating, agreed, AFAICT it's just barely above "totally broke" for anybody with any facility at all with either.
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Kent Leung
Kent Leung am 28 Apr. 2017
Following on from this response of not using supertitle. A way to change the font size using the latex interpreter in matlab is to do:
title('\fontsize{10}{10}\selectfont text','interpreter','latex')

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J. Webster
J. Webster am 13 Jul. 2016
I don't have superlabel installed, but you might try something like this...
[a,h]=suplabel('super Title' ,'t');
To get a complete list of the Axis and figure properties that you can change, try
[a,h] = suplabel('super Title', 't');


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