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Cody toolbox availability

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David Young
David Young am 18 Feb. 2012
I've been wondering whether toolbox functions are available in Cody. Alan Chalker set as a problem testing whether a given toolbox is available on the Cody server, and the results seem to show that the Image Processing Toolbox is available.
However, when I try to call imfilter, an IPT function, I get an error from Cody.
Here's my solution to the test problem:
function y = toolbox(x)
v = ver;
y = ismember(x, {v.Name});
% double check that IPT is actually available
imfilter(rand(5), rand(2));
and here's what comes back:
Error: Undefined function 'imfilter' for input arguments of type 'double'.
If I omit the last line of my "solution", it works fine and appears to report that the IPT is available.
Has anyone any insight into this, please? I'm wondering if I'm doing something really stupid.

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Helen Chen
Helen Chen am 20 Feb. 2012
Hi David -
Cody currently supports basic MATLAB. Image Processing is not supported at this time.
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David Young
David Young am 20 Feb. 2012
Helen, thank you for the reply. I was unsure, because solution 2231 uses imfilter successfully. Presumably the IPT was available in the past.
In fact, I prefer having the restriction to basic MATLAB, because it means that problems like problem 294 offer a more interesting challenge.
Perhaps there should be a statement about toolbox availability in the documentation at

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