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How can i change a value of a resistor during simulation using simpowersystems toolbox ( R L C branch )

Asked by SOUAG Noureddine on 29 Jun 2016
Latest activity Commented on by SOUAG Noureddine on 19 Aug 2016
Hello Im working in low voltage electrical network , and i want to simulate the variation of the power of an customer by varying a value of the resistance ( because in 24hours it changes) my question is , how to change this value during simulation , for example from 6h00 to 8h00 i have R1 and from 20h00 to 22h00 i have another value , this is the main problem. if we resume it , we take a voltage source and a (RLC branch ) we define a value of R but it will be constant during the simulation , i want to change it dynamically ( R=F(t)).and the RLC branch in simpowersystem toolbox is an read-only-ifcompiling) please i need an answer , im blocked in this step and i can go on in this project.
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Answer by Torsten Knodt on 19 Aug 2016
Edited by Torsten Knodt on 19 Aug 2016
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I had the same requirement. I either use a voltage measurement together with a controlled current source or a current measurement together with a controlled voltage source depending on the source I have in the network. Alternatively move to a SimScape model to have the Variable Resistor or use interface elements between SimScape and SimPowerSystems.

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Hello , i want to thank you for your answer , but i changed the toolbox , im not using simpowersystem toolbox , im using simscape with simple element where i can fin a variable resistor controlled by a fromworkspace block .
best regards Noureddine

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