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Difference between D(f)(x) and diff( f(x) , x )

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VincentLec am 23 Jun. 2016
Hello, So, I'm using the symbolic notation and I have defined both x and f(x) as symbolic functions like this
syms x f(x)
After a couple of operations, I get (in my Command window) a formula that includes both D(f)(x) and diff(f(x),x).
I was wondering if there is any difference between both of them or if they both represent the derivative of f in respect towards x.
Thanks a bunch

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Muhammad Usman Saleem
Muhammad Usman Saleem am 23 Jun. 2016
let say you are working with two for loops one has index variable f and other is x
means everytimes these loops run you are calling value of vector(may matrix) with indices f,x
diff( f(x) , x )
means you are calling vector f element of index x and with x( suppose your for loop has index variable x) taking its just difference.

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