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Changing y axis range

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Abhinaya am 23 Jun. 2016
The y-limit in my plot is automatically scaled and it does not take the ylim I specify. How do I fix this
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dpb am 23 Jun. 2016
Say "please?", maybe?

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dpb am 23 Jun. 2016
How are we to know? The point of the above comment is that without knowing what you're doing there's nothing we can say specifically; we can't see your terminal session from here.
But, the documentation on ylim in the Tips section says--
"When the axis limit mode is set to auto (the default), MATLAB uses limits, which are round numbers, to span the range of the data being displayed. Setting a value for any of the limits also sets the corresponding mode to manual. If you set the limits on an existing graph and want to maintain these limits while adding more graphs, use the hold command."
It goes on to point out, however:
"Note:  High-level plotting functions like plot and surf reset both the modes and the limits."
The crystal ball says the latter is likely your culprit...

Muhammad Usman Saleem
Muhammad Usman Saleem am 23 Jun. 2016
Bearbeitet: Muhammad Usman Saleem am 23 Jun. 2016
try this
ylim([20.5 37.5]);
set(gca, 'clim', [min(Ci(:)) max(Ci(:))]);
Ci will be matrix


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