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xlsread: NaN is not recognized as Numeric Data

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chris_andreas am 23 Jun. 2016
Kommentiert: brian zhang am 17 Jul. 2020
I like to import data from the file 'test.csv' (see attachment) into matlab. I use following code:
[Data, Time] = xlsread('test.csv')
Problem: The numeric data that is returned doesn't include the NaN data from the first rows. It looks like that xlsread doesn't include the NaN data if the whole row consists only of NaN Data. For my routine the NaN data from the first rows needs to be returned also.
Thx for your help. Chris
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brian zhang
brian zhang am 17 Jul. 2020
try to convert data to string you will get NaN not a number. I bet convert back to number will not be 'NaN'. Logic return will be 0 which is an error.

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chris_andreas am 4 Jul. 2016
Hi! I found a solution: With the function "importdata" the data is imported the "right" way.

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dpb am 23 Jun. 2016
My release of Excel doesn't have NaN as a numeric entity; suspect it's not being returned because it isn't numeric. Look at the alternate outputs of xlsread, text, and raw. You'll likely have to process the raw text array.

Muhammad Usman Saleem
Muhammad Usman Saleem am 23 Jun. 2016
convert this csv file into excel. Then try to read
or you have another option if NAN values are not read by xlsread. Change in csv file NaN value with arbitary value like -999999 then try to read them. After then you can change this value with NaN as
tell me please


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