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How to plot a large data set in matlab ?

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Hojat Sadat
Hojat Sadat on 22 Jun 2016
I have a scv file from a laser scan measurement that I want to plot each measurement as point in matlab. I have tried this simple code but it does not make since.
close all;
xlabel('X coordinates');
ylabel('Y coordinates');
title('laser scan');
I want the plot like this!
It will be great to get help because I need it in my report very soon :(


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Answers (1)

Muhammad Usman  Saleem
Muhammad Usman Saleem on 22 Jun 2016
Edited: Muhammad Usman Saleem on 22 Jun 2016
What do you want to plot with this data?
You code is reading first two columns of your csv file then make a simple plot of them. Are you want every 1 column plot with 2 , 3 with 4 soon on???
Your values in first two column are nearly same, you have to adjust limits. That why i got straight line. Here i got results for 1st column vs 2nd column


Hojat Sadat
Hojat Sadat on 22 Jun 2016
My desired result should be like the picture I have uploaded, where there is point for each measurement. I dont know how to make a code for that. I'm not sure that it should be rows vs column or reversed! I want to plot all of the measurements, how can I do that?
Muhammad Usman  Saleem
Muhammad Usman Saleem on 22 Jun 2016
your code description is as fellow
data=csvread('laserscan.csv'); % reading csv file
x=data(:,1); % reading its first column
y=data(:,2); % reading its second column of csv file
plot(x,y); ploting first colu vs secon
I still do not know what you want? In ploting there is some x and y tell me what will be this in your case?

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