definition of score when using "predict" on trained adaBoostM1

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Neta Gertzovsky
Neta Gertzovsky am 15 Jun. 2016
Beantwortet: Ilya am 15 Jun. 2016
I am using fitensemble to train adaBoost. ('AdaBoostM1'). I can't understand how exactly do they calculate the score in [lbl,score] = predict(ClassTreeEns,X); Is this the value of the classic adaBoost? as in the value of F(x), where F(x)=sigma(alpha_t*f_t(x)), where F is the strong classifier and f_t are the weak classifiers and alpha_t are the weights? I can't find the exact definition of score anywhere in Matlab documentation..

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Ilya am 15 Jun. 2016
Going to MATLAB online doc, typing 'AdaBoost" in the search box and then selecting the 3rd match brings me to this page:

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