Can't connect Arduino Uno (Genuino) to Matlab R2016a

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simon am 6 Jun. 2016
Beantwortet: Madhu Govindarajan am 11 Mär. 2019
I'm trying to connect my Genuino Uno (which is just a European Arduino Uno) to Matlab, but Matlab doesn't seem to be able to detect it.
a = arduino();
gives me the follwing error message: "Cannot detect Arduino hardware. Make sure original Arduino hardware is properly plugged in. Otherwise, please specify both port and board type. For more information, see arduino function reference page."
When I try
a = arduino('COM4','Uno');
I get this message: "Failed to open serial port COM4 to communicate with board Uno. Make sure there is no other MATLAB arduino object for this board. For troubleshooting, see Arduino Hardware Troubleshooting."
In device manager, the board is written as "Genuino Uno" but Matlab tells me device is unsupported.
I have downloaded the arduino package. Hope you guys can help me solve this!

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Oguz Türker
Oguz Türker am 6 Jul. 2016
Bearbeitet: Oguz Türker am 6 Jul. 2016
  1. go to device manager
  2. than find arduino board at there
  3. right click
  4. open properties
  5. in this link it shows how to change com port for any device
  6. then change the com value to com 23
  7. then unplug the board replug it
  8. it will work definitelytry
a = arduino('COM23','Uno');
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Alex Barbu
Alex Barbu am 10 Mär. 2019
changing the port wasnt a solution for me. it still does not connect

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Madhu Govindarajan
Madhu Govindarajan am 11 Mär. 2019
Try putting the device in bootloader mode, by double presssing the RESET button.


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