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(Automatically) Finding the intersection point of two graphes in my plot

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I have written a script to analyse vectors out of a .txt-file und displays them under certain criteria. The plot I get looks like this.
Now I am trying to find the coordinates of the intersection point between my plot and the right red line.
I don't have functions to describe the lines, only vectors containing the data points. Bot yvectors are plotted over the same xvector. I thought a simple for-loop would suffice but the problem is, that the needed y-value in both y-vectors has a differing location in the vector. So for example if the right value was located in yvector1(100) it would be located in yvalue2(70).
I hope i could somehow explain my problem in an understandable way. Every help is very much appreciated.
The kind of simple loop i tried looks like this:
for cnt=1:numel(xvector)
if zz <= 0.005
fprintf('location at %1.2f kN and %1.2f mm\n\n',yvector1(cnt),xvector(cnt))

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