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Unreadable text in static text box

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Pedro Pedrosa
Pedro Pedrosa on 4 May 2016
Commented: Pedro Pedrosa on 20 May 2016
I'm experiencing problems with text in static text boxes. As an example of what is happening I have below a print screen of a figure window where I've typed 'test' on the xlabel text box. This will show as pictured.
Interestingly after entering the text it will show OK, as seen on the other print screen.
Any hints on what might be causing this?
FIGURE: Text as seen while typing on the static text box.
FIGURE: Text as seen after entering the text.

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Answers (1)

srj4anoop on 11 May 2016
Hi Pedro,
You could try clicking on 'Plot Tools' in the figure window and then click on the xlabel and change the 'Interpreter' option to 'latex'. Now try plotting the figure again and change the xlabel as you did before.
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Pedro Pedrosa
Pedro Pedrosa on 12 May 2016

Hi Srijith,

Thank for your suggestion, however this will not solve my problem since the latex interpreter will only be active after entering the text, not while I'm typing.

As an example, I've typed $\alpha$ on the xlabel. The printscreen while typing and after text input are show below.

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