How could I make these functions as a loop?

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mahmoud mosa
mahmoud mosa on 27 Apr 2016
Commented: MHN on 28 Apr 2016
Hi all, How could I make these functions as a loop? these is the functions output1=net1(Test_Inputs); output2=net2(Test_Inputs); output3=net3(Test_Inputs); output4=net4(Test_Inputs); output5=net5(Test_Inputs);

Accepted Answer

MHN on 27 Apr 2016
It is not a good idea to use this kind of coding, but the following code will do what you want.
for i = 1:5
a = sprintf('output%d=net%d(Test_Inputs);', i,i);
MHN on 28 Apr 2016
No problem. Sure, you can do it.

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