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Can I modify the XY-Graph in Matlab-Simulnk R2016a so that I can follow the end of my output line clearly?

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As the figure below shows, I can not follow the end of my output line. Could it be possible to make the tail of the line disappear after a lapse of certain time (such as a comet in the sky)?
Or to adapt the XY-Graph to provide the end of line with a head, which has a different color from the main line?
Or is there any another suggestion to display the line clearly?
Thank you for any help!

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Vaibhav Awale
Vaibhav Awale on 2 May 2016
Hi Mahfoud,
You can modify the XY-Graph in Simulink R2016a. The XY graph that we see is a s-function. If you right click on the block and go to Mask -> Look under Mask, you will see that the s-function "sfunxy.m" is used.
You can modify this s-function according to your requirement. For example, you can clear the graph periodically or provide a marker for the head of the graph. The s-function uses MATLAB syntax, so you can use all the available properties of a MATLAB figure.
Another much simpler workaround would be to use a MATLAB function block. It is fairly straightforward to write to MATLAB function block to plot a x-y graph. If you are not much familiar with using s-functions, I would recommend to use a MATLAB function block.

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Mahfoud Alibrahim
Mahfoud Alibrahim on 11 May 2017
Edited: Mahfoud Alibrahim on 11 May 2017
Hello, I found the following method, which could help:
you can edit the s-function for the XY-Graph in that you type the following instruction On MATLAB Command Window:
edit sfunxy.m
To provide the data-points with a marker you can do the following:
Go to the line(number about 239):
set(ud.XYLine, 'LineStyle','-');
and replace it with:
set(ud.XYLine, 'LineStyle','-', 'Marker','*');
To clear a part of the plot, go to the line (number about 396 in matlab 2015):
new_line = feval(@()hg2sample.ScopeLineAnimator('maxNumVertices',50000));
Here you can change the numbers of the 'maxNumVertices' to got the desired Display on the XY-Graph. For Exempel you can type 10 instead of 50000 to display just the last ten data-points in the XY-Graph.


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