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How to get C-code generated from Simulink systems to have same I/O names as the I/O port name of the block?

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Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar on 19 Apr 2016
I have a Simulink model with multiple systems connected with each other. When I do code generation for a specific system in the model, what config settings should I use so that in the generated C-code (using Simulink/embedded coder), the I/O names (e.g. in ert_main.c) are consistent with the corresponding I/O port names in the block. Currently, the I/O names in the C-code seem to inherited from output ports of upstream blocks, which is undesired.

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Satishkumar Aruljothi
Satishkumar Aruljothi on 11 Aug 2016
You need to make the particular/desired subsystem to atomic. MATLAB treats it as single unit with input and output.
right click on the subsystem and in properties select "Treat as atomic"

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