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How can I build a standalone application for Raspberry Pi through MATLAB?

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I am currently working on a project which deals with E-health sensors and Raspberry pi. I want to build an application to show all the Sensor data through Raspberry Pi and I have set Raspberry Pi with MATLAB support package and Simulink as well. Now I am searching for some resources that can help me to do all this. I am stuck with deploying a standalone application to Raspberry Pi as I have ".m" file which contains some basic functionalities to display data through Raspberry Pi. Now anyone have the resources about deploying a standalone application for Raspberry Pi?

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Hamza Idris
Hamza Idris am 17 Jul. 2016
As matlab does not work standalone on raspberrypi so we use simulink to make raspberry pi standalone. so convert you .m file into a simulink block and burn that on raspberry pi.. reference listen to the guy in blue shirt... and can you help me in my work please as i am also using matlab and raspberry pi and having some problems..
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Safdar Jamil
Safdar Jamil am 23 Jul. 2016
Thanks for your answer. I left working with matlab because it does not fulfill my needs. yeah sure if i can help you i'll be happy to help you
Hamza Idris
Hamza Idris am 1 Sep. 2016
nice knowing that i was helpful to you and sorry that you left matlab can you tell me why my raspberry pi give received broadcast message error before startx when it has os provided my matlab. wheezy is installed on my pi..

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