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Problem with importing data: specifier "dd" does not include the 31st day of the month

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I'm trying to import data from a .dat file (see attached). The file contains 7 whitespace-separated fields per line, the first 5 say the following (last two are measured values): 1. Year 2. Month 3. Day 4. Hour 5. Minutes
e.g.: 1995 02 01 04 00
The import function gives me a screen with predefined column splitters. I used the available functions to specify the date formats. For all except one this works: the specifier "dd" doesn't seem to recognize '31' as a valid day of the month, and returns NaT.
I generated a function from this as to show what I did when importing the data.
Regards, Wessel
Edit: the forum doesn't allow me to attach .dat files.
Kuifeng on 13 Apr 2016
Sorry I did not use your .m file, I just double clicked the .dat file in Matlab workspace, and the data was imported.

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Kuifeng on 13 Apr 2016
data = importdata('brue0001.dat');
Kuifeng on 14 Apr 2016
Also, after selecting the date format of Year, Mth, Day, Hr, Min, the data is OK as below.

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