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How can I return indices for specific strings found within cells of a cell array?

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Kane Fox
Kane Fox on 9 Apr 2016
Commented: Kane Fox on 10 Apr 2016
Hi all!
I have a cell array where each cell has a three letter identification, i.e. 'ABC'
I was wondering if there was a function, or a simple way, of returning indices for specific strings within the cell array, i.e. if I want to find all cells within the array that have 'ABC'. Similar to the find function.
I've written the following function below, and it works, however; it doesn't seem completely efficient.
function Result = pullIndices(charArray, String)
x = 1 ;
Result = NaN(1, length(charArray)) ;
for i = 1:length(charArray)
if strcmp(charArray{i}, String)
Result(x) = i ;
x = x + 1;
Result = Result(1, 1:x-1) ;

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