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Any example of Neural NetworkOnline training with n time step ahead ?

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Bikram Kawan
Bikram Kawan am 3 Apr. 2016
Kommentiert: Bikram Kawan am 5 Apr. 2016
Hi all, I am looking for an example of on-line training of Neural Network which can predict some time steps ahead say "n" time step. I will be very glad to learn this. And one more question is there any difference between on-line training and incremental training ?
Thanks in Advance.

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Dave Behera
Dave Behera am 5 Apr. 2016
Hi Bikram,
See the following link on Neural Network Time Series Prediction and Modeling with MATLAB:
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Bikram Kawan
Bikram Kawan am 5 Apr. 2016
Thanks. I have been using this for couple of times.It can only predict of 1 time step ahead.But I am willing to predict "n" time step ahead.

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