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Rain rate Calculating and plotting CCDF and percentage of time that the rain rate exceeded.

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How can I calculate and plot the complementary cumulative distribution functions (CCDF) for the one minutes rain rate?

in the attached mat file first columns Day, month , year, hours, minutes, and ran rate reading at that respective minute.

- I want to calculate and plot the CCDF for these readings. - I want to Calculate the percentage of time that the rain rate exceeded.

attached an example image.

hope you explain in a bit of details

Muhammad Usman  Saleem
Muhammad Usman Saleem on 2 Apr 2016
(1) there are a lot 0 values in the data set. Which will baise your plot. Also tell me
(2) whether you want to create plot of time (in second , created from minute column) with rate?
(3) Tell me formula of % time

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Accepted Answer

Kuifeng on 3 Apr 2016
Edited: Kuifeng on 3 Apr 2016
data = importdata('RainRate.txt');
day = data(:,1);
mth = data(:,2);
yr = data(:,3);
time_hr = data(:,4);
time_min = data(:,5);
RainfallIntensity = data(:, 6);
N = length(RainfallIntensity)+1; %total duration, min
[nelements,RainRate] = hist(RainfallIntensity,20); %count frequency of rainrate
Prob = nelements/N; %probability
%estimate cum- probability
Cum_prob(1) = Prob(1);
for i = 2:20
Cum_prob(i) = Cum_prob(i-1)+Prob(i);
loglog(1-Cum_prob, RainRate);

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