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How to monitor the Java memory usage in matlab?

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denzil fernandes
denzil fernandes am 1 Apr. 2016
Kommentiert: Walter Roberson am 5 Apr. 2016
I have few java libraries which gets dynamically bounded to matlab at run time. Is it possible to know the memory usage of the Java libraries using matlab interface.

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Dave Behera
Dave Behera am 4 Apr. 2016
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denzil fernandes
denzil fernandes am 5 Apr. 2016
Hi, I just wanted to know how the following commands would help.
rJavaObj = java.lang.Runtime.getRuntime;
Will these commands help me in finding the memory used by my java instance at that particular time or please could you let me know what do these commands return exactly.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 5 Apr. 2016
If java has the memory allocated to it (totalMemory) but java is not currently using the memory for any object (freeMemory) then do you want to include it in the amount of memory that java is "using" for your purpose?

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