manipulating face detection code?

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EyeDetect = vision.CascadeObjectDetector('EyePairBig'); I = imread('1.jpg'); BB=step(EyeDetect,I); figure,imshow(I); rectangle('Position',BB,'LineWidth',4,'LineStyle','-','EdgeColor','b');
if this is my code....i want to run this code for a series of pics and i want to increment a value=0 based on the number of times the eyes were found in the pics so i want to know which of the pics had their eyes detected
is there a way to put in the variable somewhere in the code that if on eyes being found will set to 1 which can then be read from my counter variable?
also as i said to run it in a series of pics i need to use a loop
if i initialise for i=1:1:say 10 (for 10 images) how do i poll the I=imread('1.png')? im guessing i cant use 'i.png' that wont work in quotes so how do i do it?
ty for any help

Accepted Answer

Matthew Eicholtz
Matthew Eicholtz on 6 Apr 2016
Try this:
cnt = 0;
for ii=1:10
filename = sprintf('%d.jpg',ii);
I = imread(filename);
BB = step(EyeDetect,I);
if ~isempty(BB)
cnt = cnt+1;
This will count the number of images in which eyes were found. If you want to know which images contained eyes, you could do something like:
cnt = [];
for ii=1:10
... %same as before
if ~isempty(BB)
cnt = [cnt, ii];

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