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MatLab Compliler SDK and Eclipse C++

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Frederic Fabre
Frederic Fabre am 16 Mär. 2016
Kommentiert: Walter Roberson am 21 Mär. 2016
In the page dedicated to MatLab Compliler SDK (<>, it is written that we can use the Integrated Development Environment Eclipse ("Intégrez le composant dans l’application cible en utilisant votre environnement de développement préféré, par exemple Visual Studio®, Eclipse, Xcode, etc"). But Eclipse C++ is not listed here in the table of the Supported and Compatible Compilers
So my question is " Under Windows environment, can we use Eclipse C++ (which is free of charge) instead of Visual Studio C++ to generate C++ code with MatLab Compliler SDK" ? Many thanks for your response, Best regards, Fred Fabre

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Dave Behera
Dave Behera am 21 Mär. 2016
Hi Frederic,
Eclipse C++ is an IDE which uses a C/C++ compiler (of your choice) to build your C++ application. You will need to use a supported compiler from the list available in:
If you do not want to use the MS Visual C++ compilers, then consider using the Windows SDK 7.1 compiler which is free and supports C/C++ component of the MATLAB Compiler SDK.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 21 Mär. 2016
Note: Windows SDK 7.1 will not work under Windows 10. Under Windows 8, you may need to take special steps to install .NET 4.0 that is needed for Windows SDK .7.1 but it will work.
For Windows 10, MinGW is the no-charge compiler that is available.

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