How to share data between two apps which is made from app designer?

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When I use guide in matlab, I used to use setappdata and getappdata function to share data between different gui. At this time I made two app using app designer, how to share data between two apps?

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Dave Behera
Dave Behera on 24 Mar 2016
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Junghak on 25 Mar 2016
|Thanks for your answer.
I followed example and it's ok. but one thing whenenver I push the the button in first app the second app opens again. I want to make the second app open at first call. After first call, from second call how to code make the second app not to re open and just send data only?

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Chris Portal
Chris Portal on 10 Apr 2016
One way of doing this would be:
  1. Create a private property in App1 called SharedData. Initialize it to a default value that you can reliably check later to determine if App2 has set it yet or not.
  2. Create a public function in App1 called setSharedData(app, newdata) which does any necessary checking before setting app.SharedData to newdata
  3. When App1 needs to call App2, check whether app.SharedData is set to the default value from step #1. If it is, tell App2 to open. Otherwise, tell App2 to just send data.


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