Could anyone tell me how can I check if a face was detected in an image?

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geo i
geo i am 12 Mär. 2016
faceDetector = vision.CascadeObjectDetector();
videoFileReader = vision.VideoFileReader('visionface.avi');
videoFrame = step(videoFileReader);
bbox = step(faceDetector, videoFrame);
videoOut = insertObjectAnnotation(videoFrame,'rectangle',bbox,'Face');
figure, imshow(videoOut), title('Detected face');
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would you please tell me how did you resolved the problem ?
my code is like this:
  • first i did the same steps as you did above.
  • i added, when i place a bbox around the face i save it into a directory in my laptop (cuz I need it later) with :
imwrite(FacCrop, fpath); %fpath is already specified
  • , but since there's some frames where the face can't be detected, that means no face has been detected, and no bbox, so it returns an error in the imcrop function and won't finnish the rest of the video !
So what i want, is first to verify if the face has been detected or not in bbox, to call the crop function, else, skipp the crop step.
I hope you get my problem, and I hope I find a solution from you guys.
Thanks in advance.

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Explorer am 15 Mär. 2016
Bearbeitet: Explorer am 15 Mär. 2016
1. Capture your image using webcam
2. Detect skin and convert it into binary image
3. Detected larger blob i.e Face (Smaller one is hand and I detected hand for my project)
4. Process it.


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