Right now im trying to make average grades on matlab from a chart on excel. How do I say on matlab the hw row is 15% of my final grade and the test is 30%.

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clc A = xlsread('Joke.xlsx')
B = mean(A(1:42,1))
C = mean(A(1:16,2))
D = mean(A(1:3,3))
E = mean(A(1:1,4))
F = mean(A(1:1,5))
G = mean(A(1:1,6))
M = mean(A)
Z = mean(M)
prompt = 'What is your name?';
N = input(prompt,'s');
X = sprintf('%s your current grade in the class is %0.0f.',N,Z);
I need to some how say E which is tests taken are 30 percent of the total grade, and D which is hw is 10, etc.. for the others

Accepted Answer

Chad Greene
Chad Greene on 8 Mar 2016
If E is worth 30% of the final grade and D is worth 10% of the final grade,
FinalGrade = A*Aweight + ... + D*0.1 + E*0.3 + ...
for a total of 100%

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