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Does matlab support Kinect Xbox One sensor for capturing depth images ?

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Matlab doesn't have any sdk files for kinect Xbox360. But does it support Kinect Xbox one or something else ?

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Moe_2015 am 8 Mär. 2016
Bearbeitet: Moe_2015 am 8 Mär. 2016
Yes, according to this link, Microsoft Kinect for Windows v1 is supported since MATLAB R2013A. The Kinect v2 (which is identical to the Xbox One Kinect) is only supported from R2016a onwards.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 8 Mär. 2016
Also, someone did put together a way to use Kinect v2 for some of the previous releases; it can be found in the File Exchange.

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