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How do I go between plain scripts (.m) and live scripts (.mlx)?

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I would like to convert my Live Editor files to ordinary script files and vice versa, how do I do that?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 4 Mar 2016
Use the following following conversion steps:
  • Plain to Live: “Open as Live Script” from Current Folder Browser or document tab
  • Live to Plain: “Save as…” and select “MATLAB Code (*.m)”
Paul Wochner
Paul Wochner on 8 Jun 2021
Thanks for the helpful answers, however from .m to .mlx matlab.internal.liveeditor.openAndConvert takes quite long (around 6 seconds), almost independent from the file size. The manual path, as discribed in the answer, seem to be much faster.
Is this workaround also available as code?
Thanky in advance!

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Baptiste Ottino
Baptiste Ottino on 7 Aug 2017
Alternatively, use the command lines:
From mlx to m:
doc matlab.internal.richeditor.openAndConvert
From m to mlx:
doc matlab.internal.richeditor.openAndSave

J Michael Fitzpatrick
J Michael Fitzpatrick on 7 Mar 2020
Edited: J Michael Fitzpatrick on 7 Mar 2020
To convert from a non-live script to a live scritpt in R2019b:
  • click the down arrow below Save
  • choose "Save As..." and a file navigator will pop up
  • choose the type named, "MATLAB Live Code Files (*.mlx)"
  • click the Save button.

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