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Compute cumulative sum of a singal for a certain period of time (moving sum)

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I am trying to determine the cumulative sum of signal values over a period of time 't seconds' in a simulink model. After simulation start, for t seconds, the sum has to be cumulative and after t seconds, with each timestep, the oldest value has to be subtracted from the cumulative sum and the latest value has to be added.
Does anyone have a clever idea of implementing it? I have considered using delay blocks, but I have to use numerous blocks. Also considered Integrator and Cumulative sum blocks, but their reset the values set everything to zero and hence, don't fit the above requirement.
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Rick Rosson
Rick Rosson am 2 Mär. 2016
You can use a Discrete FIR Filter with coefficients of ones(1,N) where N = Fs*t.

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