plot angular distribution in matlab with a specified axis.

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Avinash Suresh kumar
Avinash Suresh kumar am 23 Feb. 2016
Hi all, I have an image with data points scattered in it. I want to define an axis, and see how the data points are distributed with respect to the given axis(angular distribution). I tried the polar plot, but it takes the existing axis of image and makes angular distribution with respect to that axis.
I have attached an image. It shows blue and red dots. I want to define the axis as mentioned in the image. I tried couple of mathematical slope, line , parallel line stuff, but not able to arrive at anuthing. Any idea is appreciated.
Thank you Avinash

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Explorer am 23 Feb. 2016
% Plot with unspecified axis
% Plot with specified axis (from 0 to 25 in x axis and -2 to +2 in y axis)
figure, plot(x,y)
axis([0 25 -2 +2])
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Avinash Suresh kumar
Avinash Suresh kumar am 23 Feb. 2016
Hi, thank you. This only adds limits to the existing axis . I want to change the axis completely.
Thank you

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