References for the new Graph and Network Algorithms package?

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In the documentation of the recently added 'Graph and Network Algorithms' package in MATLAB 2015b there are no references to the literature provided. I am particularly interested in the type of plotting algorithms, which are used by the plot(graph) function. I have recently been looking into different graph drawing algorithms especially in context of the graph Laplacian and have not managed to reproduce your plots.
It would be great if you could point me towards the papers, which develop the algorithms used by the plot(graph) function.
Thanks in advance for any answers!

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Sylvain Lacaze
Sylvain Lacaze am 29 Feb. 2016
Hello Johannes,
Here are some of the relevant references that were used to build the plotting routines:
  • T. Fruchterman and E. Reingold, "Graph drawing by force-directed placement", Software-Practice & Experience, vol. 21 (11), pp. 1129-1164, 1991.
  • E. Gansner, E. Koutsofios, S. North and K.-P. Vo, "A Technique for Drawing Directed Graphs", IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, vol.19, pp. 214-230, 1993.
  • W. Barth, M. Juenger and P. Mutzel "Simple and Efficient Bilayer Cross Counting", Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications, vol.8(2), pp 179-194, 2004.
  • U. Brandes and B. Koepf, "Fast and Simple Horizontal Coordinate Assignment", LNCS, vol.2265, pp. 31-44, 2002.
  • Y. Koren, "Drawing Graphs by Eigenvectors: Theory and Practice", Computers and Mathematics with Applications 49 (2005) 1867-1888.

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