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using pcolor to display current velocity

Asked by joo tan on 20 Jan 2012
Dear all,
i have file (01.txt) which has 3 column data..First column is latitude (2-15 degree), second is longitude (95-126 degree) and lastly is current velocity..The data are spacing by 0.25 degree..I try use pcolor to display the velocity magnitude..
I try use this command:
f=load('01.txt'); x=f(:,2); y=f(:,1); v=f(:,3);
but error ??? Error using ==> pcolor at 55 Color data input must be a matrix.
and i try another command like below by using surfergriddata function:
x = 95:.25:126; % set the min,max latitude and interval dy= 2:.25:15; % set the min,max longitude and interval
[Yi,Xi] = meshgrid(dy,dx); [Zi]=surfergriddata(y,x,v,Yi,Xi); pcolor(Xi,Yi,Zi)
it is work but my problem is, interpolation also cover at land area which should be not have data..Help me to solve this problem


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