setting OOBPredictorImportance to 'on' or true generates error

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Jon Whitney
Jon Whitney am 2 Feb. 2016
I'm trying to use a random forest as a feature ranking tool, and the documentation for TreeBagger says that I should be able to turn on the OOBPredictorImportance by specifying it as a property, such as B = TreeBagger(50,training_set,training_labels,'FBoot',0.667, 'OOBPredictorImportance', 'on') but when I do I get the error: Invalid parameter name: OOBPredictorImportance. Am I missing something about specifying properties?

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Ilya am 2 Feb. 2016
You are likely using an older release of MATLAB. Refer to the doc for that release or type 'help TreeBagger.TreeBagger' to see parameter names. The old name for that parameter was 'oobpred'.

Hoi Yu Tang
Hoi Yu Tang am 6 Jul. 2017
I'm also getting this error, although I'm running 2017a and version 11.1 of the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox.
Rather confused!
(for what it's worth, the older argument 'oobpred' didn't work either)
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Hoi Yu Tang
Hoi Yu Tang am 21 Jul. 2017
Turns out my problem was arising due to trying to pass tall arrays into TreeBagger, which creates a CompactTreeBagger class which does not support the OOb prectiction/error methods.
Documentation HERE
Michael Garaszczuk
Michael Garaszczuk am 18 Nov. 2017
What changes did you make to solve this?

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