Problem with wblfit.

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Max on 2 Feb 2016
Commented: Max on 10 Feb 2016
I would like to fit my data set to the weibull distribution. But I always get the message:X must be a vector containing positive values
My code is:
t_S1 is a 10x10.000 double
for i=1:length(t_S1); par1(i,:)=wblfit(t_S1(i,:)); sor1(i,:)=sort(t_S1(i,:)); plot(sor1,1-wblcdf(sor1,par1(i,1),par1(i,2)));hold on; grid on; end
Can somebody help me, please?
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Max on 2 Feb 2016
PS: All items in the matrix t_S1 are positive.

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Answers (1)

Subin Kuttappan Stellal Mary
Hi Max,
Following link looks similar to your problem. I suggest you to try out the accepted answer given in the link :
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Max on 10 Feb 2016
Thx Subin, that works!

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