filled contour no longer creates patch children ... what is equivalent for setting the ZData?

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I have a method for plotting the coastlines under or on top of some 3D scatter data, depending on whether the z levels are depth, pressure, or height. It used to grab the children of the contourf object and set the ZData property - independent of the actual values of the contourf object. This worked great until 2014b (?) and certainly doesn't work for 2015b ... I have not tried all versions. Attached is a short example - if you run it with 2014a or before, it works fine. 2015b fails - there are no patch objects generated by the contourf.
I have tried shifting the contourf z data to center the contour at the desired level, that did not work.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 1 Feb. 2016
There is no equivalent mechanism now :( Parent a contourf() against an hgtransform that uses a translation along the Z axis of the desired Z value. You might need to do that for each distinct Z value.
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Tim am 1 Feb. 2016
Thanks to Mike as well. I was so preoccupied implementing and then tweaking my example script that I did not read Mike's post in a timely fashion. Mike - for the record - I just pared down a much more complicated example for the purposes of clarity. My full-blown function does handle the data limits and clipping appropriately. Thanks.

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