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MATLAB deploytool works, but deplytool.bat fails

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Stefan am 1 Feb. 2016
Kommentiert: Harsheel am 3 Feb. 2016
I'm trying to create a standalone application using the MATLAB Compiler (R2014a). The compilation is part of a external build process which relies on the deploytool.bat file called from a Windows command line. This build process fails, because deploytool.bat does not work.
When using the internal deploytool
deploytool -package MyProject.prj
everything works fine.
Start packaging process
Package finished
When using
"Windows Command Line"> deploytool.bat -package MyProject
building is successful, but packaging fails without additional error information
Start packaging process
Package failed
The same error occurs inside MATLAB when using
!deploytool -package MyProject
results in
End validation of MEX files: <snip>
Warning: Adding path "D:\<snip>" to Compiler path instance.
Parsing file "D:\<snip>"
(Referenced from: "Compiler Command Line").
Generating file "D:\<snip>\for_testing\readme.txt".
Start packaging process
Package failed
Is there a way to fix this issue?
As an alternative
"Windows Command Line"> deploytool.bat -build MyProject
works, but does not embed the CTF file (separate .EXE and .CTF). Is there a way to manually embed the CTF file using the command line?

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Harsheel am 1 Feb. 2016
This was a bug in R2014a release which was fixed in the next release R2014b. If you have MathWorks SMS (Software Maintenance Services), I believe you'll be able to upgrade your MATLAB version. You can find more info here
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Stefan am 2 Feb. 2016
Is there another workaround? I'm reluctant to switch to R2014b (or newer), as several projects rely heavily on the old graphics system and switching would require several months of work.
Harsheel am 3 Feb. 2016
not that I know of, I also dont know if you can switch OFF the new graphics system in 14b. May be you can get in touch with MathWorks Technical Support at 508-647-7000 ?

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