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Display wait bar in Static text box in GUIDE

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JB am 26 Jan. 2016
I have seen many posts regarding displaying a Gui for waitbar/progress bar.
I am interested in showing progress bar in a static text box WITH IN my GUI interface.
Any help regarding this will be highly appreciated.
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JB am 26 Jan. 2016
I have used builtin 'waitbar', unfortunately. As i have no idea of how make a progress bar.
Can you please kindly help me out, how to display a progress bar in static text box.?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 26 Jan. 2016
waitbar() uses graphics, an axes within a figure. You cannot display a graphics within a static text box.
Are you aiming for a graphical wait bar, or are you aiming for something that updates a text percentage?

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Matthew am 26 Jan. 2016
Bearbeitet: Matthew am 26 Jan. 2016
I just go with a java progress bar when I want to put a progress bar in a GUI.
%Create a Progress bar with a range from 0 to 100
jBarHandle = javax.swing.JProgressBar(0, 100);
%You need a pixel position for where to put the bar, I tend to do this by finding a reference object in the GUI that I'm going to replace.
posPanel = getpixelposition(someReferenceObject,true);
%Place the progress bar in the GUI
%Set the value of the progress bar.
For full information on the properties available with JProgressBar here's the link.
If you really wanted to use waitbar, you could probably either modify the builtin function, or use the built-in function and clone the axes into your own GUI. Either way though, that seems a fair bit more complicated then just going with java swing.
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Adam am 27 Jan. 2016
Basically this would be an the equivalent of the static text you want to add. If you are using an actual progress bar like above then you would be best creating a panel of the size and position you want rather than a static text, then use that in Matthew's answer above to provide the correct position.
Statisticalbeginner am 24 Feb. 2016
Great answer. One additional thing I want to ask is how do you show the progress after displaying the progress bar ? How do you pass the "Value" to it? jBarHandle.setValue(update_value); consider update_value is holding the progress value.

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