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using mex in Matlab R2012a and windows 8.1

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Juan Andrade
Juan Andrade on 24 Jan 2016
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
Hello, I have try all the post about this problem, the thing is as follows: I want to compile a mex file but Matlab does not find a compiler, so I tried to install SDK but it says: "Some Windows SDK components require the RTM. NET Framework4. Setup detected a pre-release version of the .NET Framework 4..." and then it suggest to install .NET (framework 4) from a Microsoft link, I downloaded and tried to install but the message now says: "Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is already a part of this operating system. You do not need to install the .NET Framework 4 redistributable.". I have tried all than I have found on the web and notihing so far. Please help me if you have some idea how to fix it. Regards, Juan

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Pete on 15 Aug 2016
Same problem here.

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